Head of School Update – 26/3/2021

Dear Parent and Carers,

Welcome to another heads update, the penultimate week of this term! As always, I am pleased to share that the children have been working hard – all the classes have impressed me this week.

I am thrilled to announce that we have successfully recruited a Safeguarding and Welfare Lead to join the team at Glenleigh Park. The staff member will start in term 6 and will support the school’s strong culture of safeguarding and provide an additional support to all our children and families when they need it. I understand how stressful the last year has been on everyone and especially our pupils so I want to ensure that every child has the emotional and welfare support they deserve.

This week the senior leadership’s monitoring focus has been maths, Miss Sims and Miss Sargent, who lead maths at Glenleigh Park, have both expressed how amazed they are with the children’s ability to problem solve and reason. As you can see from my headline photo, we encourage the children to represent their mathematical thinking in different ways so they can master the concepts.

Remember to put your clocks forward, to mark the start of British Summer Time, when we will have more daylight in the evenings and less in the mornings. Let’s hope we have some super summer weather!

Best wishes – always

Mrs Pocock