Head of School Update – 9/10/2020

Welcome to this week’s Head’s update. I am pleased to share that this week has been incredibly productive in school with all the children and staff working hard. One of my highlights of the week was listening to the excitement in year 2 when the dragons appeared in their classrooms; burning their work, leaving messy footprints and causing destruction. This eventful experience resulted in the children producing some high-quality and creative writing.

This year one of the areas for improvement for the school is to look at our curriculum and see how we can continue to develop and improve it. Previously, we used Paragon as a starting point for our foundation subjects but there is always more that we can do to improve. This week all our curriculum leaders have been looking at the work in children’s books and visiting classrooms to see what we are doing well and what areas we can improve upon. It has been really interesting and I am very impressed with the quality of children’s work.

Each teacher has their own curriculum area that they are responsible for leading and they have all been working hard on reviewing and improving their subjects. We will share more information about the school’s curriculum as we continue to develop it and will be seeking your views in the near future.

Next week, we are really looking forward to our parents’ evening consultations (via telephone), I am really pleased that so many of you have already booked your slots through Arbor – thank you. If you have not managed to do this please try to book a time as this is an opportunity for you to discuss how your child/children are settling this year and how you can support your child at home with their learning.

Finally, please do take a look at our bulletin that is sent weekly, it has important events and dates for you and is a great way for us to let you know what’s happening!

Enjoy the weekend

Mrs Pocock