Head of School Update – 25/9/2020

Another wonderful week has come to an end in school.  The children continue to follow the new school expectations remarkably well and are showing enthusiasm and smiles in and around school which is lovely to see.

Our assembly this week was linked to perseverance and personal growth; I have enjoyed talking to the children throughout the week about their ambitions and personal goals. So many of the children have such high aspirations which I know they will achieve.

Even though we are unable to all meet together to celebrate the children achievements, we are still awarding the Golden Trophy each week and celebrating this in the class and across the year groups. During the week, I have visited all the classes and seen lots of incredible work.

In year 2 this morning, the children have been investigation different ways to make 2 digit numbers and how to use manipulatives to exchange.

Some of the Daffodil children wanted to tell me all about their learning.

George H told me “In maths you don’t always need what you think you need”

Thea and Lorelei explained “We had tens and ones and we used the base ten to make the numbers”

Noah was excited to share that he found five different ways to make 21.

In Year 4 they have been examining the human body, looking closely at our digestive system and how amazing the body is. The children were surprised to discover that the human body produces between 1 and 2 litres of saliva daily and that the small intestine is about 22-23 feet long while the large intestine is only about 5 feet long.

What super scientist they have been!

Thank you all for your patience and understanding with our entrance and exit arrangements. You have been incredible and that support is wonderful to have. I am pleased that so many of you report how effective you feel it has been.

Just a polite reminder to please be considerate of our neighbours and their property. We teach the children respect and so we should model this ourselves, as adults. We all need to be kind and considerate, some of our local residents are elderly and will find it intimidating if you park across their drives.

Finally, I would like to end by reminding you about the importance of reading.  At Glenleigh Park, we place so much importance on reading at home. All research and studies show that children who read every day do better at every stage of their education. We see it in school; the pupils that read at home are making better progress. The majority of our parents do find time to enjoy books at home with their children and do record this in the home school books – thank you.