Head of School Update 3/7/2020

Good afternoon and welcome to another heads update.

It has been another very successful week at Glenleigh Park. Albeit it being a  bit of a shock on Monday to be standing in the pouring rain after last week’s scorching weather, however everyone coped fantastically, and once again I was overwhelming impressed with how sensibly the children behaved.

This time of year would normally be filled with lots of transition activities and the children would be excitedly planning the next journey in their school life. So with this in mind, I thought I would share some of the work from our nursery and year 6 children.

In Ducklings, are youngest children have had another exciting and busy week. They have been reading Gordon’s Great Escape by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. The story inspired them to pump up balloons and draw face on them – being very careful not to pop them. Then they thought of the amazing adventures the balloons could have, where they may go, what they might see and what would happen if they popped.

In year 6, the children were able to welcome John from Priority 1-54 to visit (social distancing measure were strictly adhered too!) who delivered some excellent transition activities with the children. John encouraged the children to reflect on their time at Glenleigh Park, thinking about the parts they have enjoyed, the parts they will miss and also the parts they may not miss. The activities provided the children with an opportunity to discuss what they are excited and worried about ahead of their new adventures at secondary school. Alongside this, John modelled and taught the children how to produce some fantastic graffiti art work which is going to be exhibited at De La Warr Pavilion and on the charities website.

Some of the feedback from the Year 6 children –

Doing a different type of art has been great fun”
”I have enjoyed learning more about heading to secondary school”
“It was helpful and made me feel more relaxed about secondary”

Thank you, as always, for all your support and encouragement. The end of term is creeping ever closer but we still have lots to look forward to. Next week, we have Glenleigh Park Mini Olympics that has been carefully planned by Miss Sargent. Remember that even if you are not in school we would like you to join in and send us any photos of your events and sports activities – we’d love to see them.

Have a great weekend

Take care

Mrs Pocock

Head of School.