Head of School Update 26/6/20

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to this week’s weekly update! It’s been another fantastic week at Glenleigh Park Primary Academy, filled with laughter, learning and lots of loveable moments. The highlight of my week was being invited to watch two of our normally audience shy children perform the Bear Hunt story – they were so animated and word perfect – it was a joy to watch.

On Monday, we welcomed back more of our pupils and I was very impressed with how smoothly and swiftly they settled in to the new routine and expectations of school. Well done everyone!

In Reception this week, the pupils have been studying the book Rainbow fish and as you can see in our headline photo, enjoying the outside space as a learning environment. Olivia really impressed me with her mathematical understanding and her use of doubles.

Our pupils in Year 1 have been writing their own stories based on the book the Lonely Penguin. Rosie in Butterflies told me all about her Super Hamster and Evil Dog inspired story, her ideas were amazing and very funny.

In Year 6, the pupils have been making the most of the wonderful weather and have been outside developing their golf skills, rounder’s techniques and setting themselves obstacle challenges. Umar told me that he is enjoying being back at school and that he nearly beat Mr Green in a running race. Grace said, “I feel happy being at school, learning more and I enjoy having help from adults when I need it’.

In our keyworker bubbles the children have been exploring different books written by Anthony Browne, who is an internationally acclaimed author and illustrator of children’s books. His books encourage children to think deeply not just about the language but the story that is told through the pictures. Oakley said, “I like spotting all the hidden images in the picture” and Mr Marchant was keen to share that every day he discovers something new in the books and has enjoyed the children’s enthusiasm for the stories.

Finally, I’d like to end with a quote from Miss Sargent, “I have really enjoyed welcoming the children back, it has been calm and the children have coped fantastically. It is such a great atmosphere at school.”

Have a relaxing weekend everyone!

Mrs Pocock

Head of School