Headteacher update 31.01.2020

Dear Parents

This week has been a busy and productive one – with lots of exciting learning opportunities for the children.

Year 2 in particular, have had a wonderful week, with a visit from the fire service and marble parties today. As well as having the opportunity, to write the most imaginative narratives linked to the book ‘The Wild Things’.

Year 5 have been stretching their mathematical knowledge by learning to covert improper fractions into mixed numbers – they have loved it! And today, I took part in a Year 5 inference lesson linked to the book ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell, the children were actively learning, investigating and discussing single sentences, to develop their inference skills and learn about the book.

In reception this week, the children have been applying their phonic knowledge and using their blending and decoding skills to read and write words with the sound ‘er’.

Finally, we have ended the week by bringing the sunshine to Glenleigh Park by wearing something yellow to raise funds for Dragonflies. Dragonflies is a specialist bereavement service which offers families, children and young people a safe space to share their feelings and experiences, and provides creative and therapeutic activities alongside group discussion.
Thank you for your support, our initial count shows we have raised £150.00.